Joylin TV Media

Media has become the part and parcel in today’s life. Be it Rural Area or Urban Area, all that can bring in a change is Media. Joylin TV Media Ministries is a special wing of CEFI Diocese that operates reaching people through TV channel,. The main Aim is to harvest souls to build the kingdom of Lord! Every huge things Begin Small. With a Very Huge Vision to make the Channel World Wide Joylin TV Media Ministries has started spreading in districts of Tamilnadu State in India. Being a blooming bud, the channel has reached the homes and hearts of people around Vellore District. We further plan to expand it worldwide and bring in new techniques for the development of Christian Media. With the minimal needs fulfilled Joylin TV Media Ministries has been glorifying the name of our Lord for about past 4 years. Our next plan is to upload it in Satellite and make it a Asian Level Christian Channel that can operate for the development of other ministries as well. We further plan to bring in channels in other countries in their mother tongue so that it reaches people sooner. Praying with these visions Joylin TV Media is operating throughout Vellore District as a government permitted TV Channel!