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About Asia/PacificNationalPresiding Bishop D.P.NohaYowanaraj :

 To be inspired is Great,To inspire is Incredible !!  An Indian by whom we are inspired!!!

Rt.Rev.Dr.D.P.NohaYowanaraj – is a good Christian Administrator and is the Senior Pastor of Christian Evangelical Fellowship Church located in Tamilnadu, South India,. Being born in a Rural Area he graduated at University of Madras and further did his Law at Karnataka Law University, having called by The Lord for His Divine Ministry in the year of 2004, His Vision was to develop the un-developed.  Carrying this huge vision in mind he started the Church of Episcopal Fellowship International Diocese in the year 2006. And now there are about 95 Diocese that function under CEFI Diocese and about 97 Bishops who operate this, Furthermore there are about 9000 pastors in CEFI Diocese Ministries! Being a well-educated spiritual Leader his main Aim was to unite the organizations that operate with same Motive. His passion was to help the poor pastors, upgrade their education, build and edify churches and help the orphans and street children. His main Aim was to develop the youths of the nation and help them stand on their own support by equipping them with knowledge and training which will make them the pillars of the nation,.. His hard work has developed missionary leaders, dynamic evangelists, Good Christian political Leaders all around India. The passionate walk further led him to open Apollos Bible University in the year of 2009, This helps in developing pastors with proper Theological knowledge.  The finance nor the aristocratic background many aspire having to achieve these outcomes were not what he had but the Faith in Our Saviour & Lord walked him through these passionate steps. Operating such a Huge Diocese is possible not by power or by Might, but by the spirit of the Lord!! All that he had was truth and faith in his vision which he developed using God’s gracious gifts imparted unto him.

Alone we do Little,

Together we do so much.   –  Helen Keller

Answering our prayers of past ten years Lord has helped us in Partnering with Ministries worldwide and stretching its wings to build the kingdom of the Lord!! Many people joined hands with Presiding bishop in his travel towards success.

“Whatever you do, do it for the Glory of the God”  – 1 Corinthians 10:31

May The Kingdom of Lord be built in the World as in Heavens!! Amen!!

Bishop J. Alan Neal

International Presiding Bishop

Bishop J. Alan Neal is the Spiritual leader & Mentor of CEFI DIOCESE’s Chairperson D.P. NohaYowanaraj and he Is the Visionary Leader and Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Faith Center located in Ramstein-   Miesenbach, Germany. He is also the Chairman & CEO of Elijah’s Bread Ministries, Inc.

A native of Lexington, Kentucky, he received his early Christian education and training in the Baptist Church. His secular education began in the Lexington Public School System; he later attended Western Kentucky University at Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration in 1977.

Bishop Neal is married to the former Wanda Jacqueline Harris of Kansas City, Missouri; their daughters, Robin Taylor & Leslie Shepard both married reside in Dallas Texas and Topeka, Kansas, respectively.